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Bird Proofing (Exclusion) Raleigh

When birds enter your Raleigh home or business the first priority is removal. The same is true when they are becoming a nuisance outside. Large flocks create noise issues. There are health issues because of their droppings. The main concern will be getting rid of the problem birds. It should be done in a safe humane way. A safe humane removal may require a bird removal professional in Wake County, North Carolina. The expert will know federal, state and local laws regarding the type of bird causing issues. They will have the proper equipment to do the job efficiently. They will also be able to inspect the property and develop a plan for exclusion.

Bird exclusion is a way to keep the birds from returning to your Raleigh property. There are many options to consider when coming up with an exclusion plan. Some possibilities are chemical, visual or sound deterrents. In many places the use of chemical deterrents are illegal. We know the laws for your area. For homes, it may simply be removing all food and water sources. Homeowners can use garden netting to protect their gardens from birds looking to eat the crops. Making the area less attractive to birds. Often that will be enough for private homes. If this is not enough an expert in bird removal can help determine what will help. There are even methods that will help boat owners deal with any bird issues.

Business needs may be different in Raleigh. Limiting food sources is still important. More steps may be needed. Birds will nest in signs. The droppings are caustic and can damage the roof, heating and ac units, electrical boxes and other parts of the building. Businesses may need to use bird spikes, coiled steel, slope barriers or even electrical track to keep birds off the roof and out of signage. If the business has open fields flight diverters may keep birds from damaging electric lines or antennas. Plastic strips can be used to keep birds from entering buildings at loading docks. Netting can prevent birds from returning to roosting areas. Bird removal experts will also be able to use bird contraceptives or egg addling to lower the bird population. A bird removal expert will help determine what method will fit whatever the buildings specific issues are.

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