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Bird Removal from Office Buildings, Raleigh

Many Raleigh businesses experience problems with birds. Stores may have birds using the signs as nesting sites. Some may even have birds entering the store and eating product. Even non retail businesses can have issues with birds nesting in the sign or landscaping.

Birds using your commercial building as its home can cause many issues. It can result in slip and fall issues because of droppings. Dropping can also damage building due to its corrosive nature. Woodpeckers can damage any wood used in your building or signs. Some birds, like the Canada Goose, can be aggressive and harass employees. Birds can carry disease, mites, and fleas. In some cases birds can damage the landscaping and turf on your property. The continued cost of cleaning and repairing can add up. Removal and control measures are a more cost effective way to manage the bird issue.

Often removal of existing birds is a needed first step. Bird removal experts will be able to get rid of existing problem birds. They will have the proper equipment to trap or net the birds causing the issue. They will know all state and federal laws related to the type of bird needing to be removed. Some birds are legally protected. Additional care needs to be taken when removing these birds. Some birds return to the area where they were born to have their own family. A bird removal professional will be able to addle eggs or administer birth control pellets to reduce the population.

Commercial Bird Deterrents Raleigh

There are many ways to deter birds from finding your business an attractive nesting site. Bird spikes, netting, and coiled wires can limit the birds ability to roost on your building or in your signage. There is also a sticky gel that smaller birds won’t like to roost where this gel is used. In some cases even a low voltage shock can be used to discourage roosting. Which method is best will be determined by the building structure, type of business, and type of birds causing issues. A bird removal professional can inspect the property and determine what is the best plan for your needs.

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